Kamus internasional yang dikeluarkan OIML sebagai rujukan untuk memahami istilah-istilah, konsep dasar dan umum, serta hal-hal terkait lainnya di bidang metrologi legal.

No.Kode ReferensiJudul 
1.V 1-en/frInternational vocabulary of terms in legal metrology (VIML) (bilingual French-English) / Vocabulaire international des termes de métrologie légale (VIML) (bilingue français-anglais)Unduh
2.V 2-200-enInternational Vocabulary of Metrology - Basic and General Concepts and Associated Terms (VIM). 3rd Edition (Bilingual E/F). (Edition 2010 with minor corrections)Unduh


Rekomendasi Internasional yang dikeluarkan OIML sebagai rujukan peraturan syarat teknis UTTP kemetrologian.

No.Kode ReferensiJudul 
1.R007-e79Clinical thermometers, mercury-in-glass with maximum device.Unduh
2.R014-e95Polarimetric saccharimeters graduated in accordance with the ICUMSA International Sugar Scale.Unduh
3.R015-e74Instruments for measuring the hectolitre mass of cereals.Unduh
5.R018-e89Visual disappearing filament pyrometers.Unduh
6.R021-e07Taximeters. Metrological and technical requirements, test procedures and test report format.Unduh
7.R022-e75International alcoholometric tables.Unduh
8.R023-e75Tire pressure gauges for motor vehicles.Unduh
9.R024-e75Standard one metre bar for verification officers.Unduh
10.R026-e78Medical syringes.Unduh
11.R034-e79Accuracy classes of measuring instruments.Unduh
12.R035-p-e07Material measures of length for general use.Unduh
13.R040-e81Standard graduated pipettes for verification officers.Unduh
14.R041-e81Standard burettes for verification officers.Unduh
15.R042-e81Metal stamps for verification officers.Unduh
16.R043-e81Standard graduated glass flasks for verification officers.Unduh
17.R044-e85Alcoholometers and alcohol hydrometers and thermometers for use in alcoholometry.Unduh
18.R046-p-e12Active electrical energy meters.Unduh
19.R047-e79Standard weights for testing of high capacity weighing machines.Unduh
20.R048-e04Tungsten ribbon lamps for the calibration of radiation thermometers.Unduh
21.R049-p-e13Water meters for cold potable water and hot water.Unduh
22.R050-p-e14Continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments (belt weighers).Unduh
23.R051-p-e06Automatic catchweighing instruments.Unduh
24.R052-e04Hexagonal weights - Metrological and technical requirements.Unduh
25.R053-e82Metrological characteristics of elastic sensing elements used for measurement of pressure - Determination methods.Unduh
26.R054-e81pH scale for aqueous solutions.Unduh
27.R055-e81Speedometers, mechanical odometers and chronotachographs for motor vehicles. Metrological regulations.Unduh
28.R056-e81Standard solutions reproducing the conductivity of electrolytes.Unduh
29.R058-e98Sound level meters.Unduh
30.R059-p-e16Moisture meters for cereal grains and oilseeds.Unduh
31.R060-p-e17Metrological regulation for load cellsUnduh
32.R061-p-e17Automatic gravimetric filling instrumentsUnduh
33.R063-e94Petroleum measurement tablesUnduh
34.R065-e06Force measuring system of uniaxial material testing machinesUnduh
35.R066-e85Length measuring instrumentsUnduh
36.R068-e85Calibration method for conductivity cellsUnduh
37.R069-e85Glass capillary viscometers for the measurement of kinematic viscosity. Verification methodUnduh
38.R071-e08Fixed storage tanks. General requirementsUnduh
39.R075-p-e02Heat metersUnduh
40.R076-p-e06Non-automatic weighing instrumentsUnduh
41.R078-e89Westergren tubes for measurement of erythrocyte sedimentation rateUnduh
42.R079-e15Labeling requirements for prepackagesUnduh
43.R080-p-e17Road and rail tankers with level gaugingUnduh
44.R081-p-e98Dynamic measuring devices and systems for cryogenic liquidsUnduh
45.R082-e06Gas chromatographic systems for measuring the pollution from pesticides and other toxic substancesUnduh
46.R083-e06Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer systems for the analysis of organic pollutants in waterUnduh
47.R084-e03Platinum, copper, and nickel resistance thermometers (for industrial and commercial use)Unduh
48.R085-p-e08Automatic level gauges for measuring the level of liquid in stationary storage tanksUnduh
49.R087-e16Quantity of product in prepackagesUnduh
50.R088-e98Integrating-averaging sound level metersUnduh
51.R089-e90Electroencephalographs - Metrological characteristics - Methods and equipment for verificationUnduh
52.R091-e90Radar equipment for the measurement of the speed of vehiclesUnduh
53.R092-e89Wood-moisture meters - Verification methods and equipment: general provisionsUnduh
55.R095-e90Ships' tanks - General requirementsUnduh
57.R098-e91High-precision line measures of lengthUnduh
58.R099-p-e08Instruments for measuring vehicle exhaust emissionsUnduh
59.R100-p-e13Atomic absorption spectrometer systems for measuring metal pollutantsUnduh
60.R101-e91Indicating and recording pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and pressure-vacuum gauges with elastic sensing elements (ordinary instruments)Unduh
61.R102-p-e92Sound calibrators (including Annex A)Unduh
62.R103-e92Measuring instrumentation for human response to vibrationUnduh
63.R104-p-e93Pure-tone audiometers (including Annexes A to E)Unduh
64.R106-p-e11Automatic rail-weighbridgesUnduh
65.R107-p-e07Discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments (totalizing hopper weighers)Unduh
66.R108-e93Refractometers for the measurement of the sugar content of fruit juicesUnduh
67.R109-e93Pressure gauges and vacuum gauges with elastic sensing elements (standard instruments)Unduh
68.R110-e94Pressure balancesUnduh
69.R111-p-e04Weights of classes E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M1-2, M2, M2-3 and M3Unduh
70.R112-e94High performance liquid chromatographs for measurement of pesticides and other toxic substancesUnduh
71.R113-e94Portable gas chromatographs for field measurements of hazardous chemical pollutantsUnduh
72.R114-e95Clinical electrical thermometers for continuous measurementUnduh
73.R115-e95Clinical electrical thermometers with maximum deviceUnduh
74.R116-e06Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometers for the measurement of metal pollutants in waterUnduh
75.R117-p-e07Dynamic measuring systems for liquids other than waterUnduh
76.R119-e96Pipe provers for testing of measuring systems for liquids other than waterUnduh
77.R120-e10Standard capacity measures for testing measuring systems for liquids other than waterUnduh
78.R122-p-e96Equipment for speech audiometryUnduh
79.R123-e97Portable and transportable X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for field measurement of hazardous elemental pollutantsUnduh
80.R124-e97Refractometers for the measurement of the sugar content of grape mustsUnduh
81.R125-e98Measuring systems for the mass of liquids in tanksUnduh
82.R126-p-e12Evidential breath analyzersUnduh
83.R127-e99Radiochromic film dosimetry system for ionizing radiation processing of materials and productsUnduh
84.R128-e00Ergometers for foot crank workUnduh
85.R129-e00Multi-dimensional measuring instrumentsUnduh
86.R130-e01Octave-band and one-third-octave-band filtersUnduh
87.R131-e01Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) dosimetry systems for ionizing radiation processing of materials and productsUnduh
88.R132-e01Alanine EPR dosimetry systems for ionizing radiation processing of materials and productsUnduh
89.R133-e02Liquid-in-glass thermometersUnduh
90.R134-p-e06Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loadsUnduh
91.R135-e04Spectrophotometers for medical laboratoriesUnduh
92.R136-p-e04Instruments for measuring the areas of leathersUnduh
93.R137-p-e12Gas metersUnduh
94.R138-p-e07Vessels for commercial transactionsUnduh
95.R139-p-e14Compressed gaseous fuel measuring systems for vehiclesUnduh
96.R140-e07Measuring systems for gaseous fuelUnduh
97.R141-e08Procedure for calibration and verification of the main characteristics of thermographic instrumentsUnduh
98.R142-e08Automated refractometers: Methods and means of verificationUnduh
99.R143-e09Instruments for the continuous measurement of SO2 in stationary source emissionsUnduh
100.R144-p-e13Instruments for the continuous measurement of CO and NOx in stationary source emissionsUnduh
101.R145-p-e15Ophthalmic instruments - Impression and applanation tonometersUnduh
102.R146-p-e16Protein measuring instruments for cereal grains and oilseedsUnduh
103.R147-e16Standard blackbody radiators for the temperature range from -50 °C to 2500 °CUnduh


Dokumen internasional yang dikeluarkan OIML sebagai informasi dan ditujukan sebagai panduan di bidang metrologi legal.

No.Kode DokumenJudul 
1.D 1-enConsiderations for a Law on MetrologyUnduh
2.D 2-enLegal units of measurementUnduh
3.D 3-enLegal qualification of measuring instrumentsUnduh
4.D 5-enPrinciples for the establishment of hierarchy schemes for measuring instrumentsUnduh
5.D 8-enMeasurement standards. Choice, recognition, use, conservation and documentationUnduh
6.D 9-enPrinciples of metrological supervisionUnduh
7.D 10-enILAC-G24/OIML D 10: Guidelines for the determination of recalibration intervals of measuring equipment used in testing laboratories Unduh
8.D 11-enGeneral requirements for measuring instruments - Environmental conditionsUnduh
9.D 12-enFields of use of measuring instruments subject to verificationUnduh
10.D 13-enGuidelines for bi- or multilateral arrangements on the recognition of: test results - pattern approvals - verificationsUnduh
11.D 14-enTraining and qualification of legal metrology personnelUnduh
12.D 16-enPrinciples of assurance of metrological controlUnduh
13.D 17-enHierarchy scheme for instruments measuring the viscosity of liquidsUnduh
14.D 18-enThe use of certified reference materials in fields covered by metrological control exercised by national services of legal metrology. Basic principlesUnduh
15.D 19-enPattern evaluation and pattern approvalUnduh
16.D 20-enInitial and subsequent verification of measuring instruments and processesUnduh
17.D 21-enSecondary standard dosimetry laboratories for the calibration of dosimeters used in radiotherapyUnduh
18.D 22-enGuide to portable instruments for assessing airborne pollutants arising from hazardous wastesUnduh
19.D 23-enPrinciples for metrological control of equipment used for verificationUnduh
20.D 24-enTotal radiation pyrometersUnduh
21.D 25-enVortex meters used in measuring systems for fluidsUnduh
22.D 26-enGlass delivery measures - Automatic pipettesUnduh
23.D 27-enInitial verification of measuring instruments using the manufacturer's quality management systemUnduh
24.D 28-enConventional value of the result of weighing in air (Revision of R 33)Unduh
25.D 30-enGuide for the application of ISO/IEC 17025 to the assessment of Testing Laboratories involved in legal metrologyUnduh
26.D 31-enGeneral requirements for software controlled measuring instrumentsUnduh
27.D 32-enGuide for the application of ISO/IEC 17065 to assessment of certification bodies in legal metrologyUnduh